A POS designed with contactless payment in mind

Innovative point of sale designed to cater retail needs from a single outlet to a multi-geography environment

About zPos

zPOS is your configurable enterprise hospitality platform that will provide centralized management controls

With zPOS state-of-the-art technology you are well positioned for the future. It will enhance revenue opportunities, guest satisfaction and will give you a competitive edge. Our full suite of intelligent POS solution is cloud based with flexible and configurable hardware that will provide innovative hospitality service to retail and leisure establishments of any size such as cruise industry, restaurants, grocery stores, cafes and bars, salons, pharmacies, spas and more. zPOS features multi-location management, which enables users to monitor business from a single screen and make changes to menus across locations. It provides real time reports and analytics. The platform offers industry-specific features including menu and ingredient management, table planning, order processing, multi-store support for retail stores for restaurants and fast-food establishments. Its modules allow users to award sales commissions, apply discounts to items and set security levels for different employees

zPOS Features

State-of-the-art product, precisely developed to help manage any retail business
Reporting & Analytics
Captures and analyses vital data to generate robust reports.
Cloud Based
Simple and flexible cloud design with tangible benefits.
Customer Relationship & Experience
An advanced technological expedient that augments an engaged service to the guest.
Employee Management
Out-of-the-box solution for seamless employee management.
Multiple Payment Methods/Split Payments
Our POS goes beyond traditional payment methods with multiple flexible payment options.
A one-stop-shop to make your promotion, discount program campaign a success.