Consistency cooked with competency Quality served with efficiency

Offering everyone in the galley the visibility they deserve to prepare and serve meals, effortlessly

About zGalley

The display system, designed to streamline all your galley operations

In today’s kitchen, orders come from various platforms, and zGalley seamlessly integrates, prioritizes, routes, and sequences orders to provide the highest quality guest experience. The effective display system segregates the pending orders, new orders on a central screen and alerts you on orders which need your immediate attention. Once the waiter/server places the order it gets displayed on the display system for the chef’s to prepare the order, consequently saving the time and offering better service to guests.

zGalley Features

A smart system that can effectively handle the heat of the galley
Saves Time
The system helps chefs work effectively by prioritizing orders, reducing errors, and improving speed of service.
Smart Services
This system helps you keep track of turnaround, see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and lets staff manage incoming orders more effectively.
Seamless Kitchen Communication
Elevate efficiency of the front of the house staff, by making the communication between them and the galley seamless and systematic enhancing the customer experience.
Designed for no disparity
The kitchen display system makes sure your guests get what they ordered on time, limiting any kind of disparity.