Smart table management system for superior dining experiences

We designed this system specifically for you to get an all-in-one POS with a powerful table

About zDine

It takes one glance and one click to ensure smooth customer flow and satisfactory customer experience

Forget out of date methods of assigning tables, zDine management system offers you a powerful and technologically advanced tool to simplify the process. It improves efficiency of your staff so that you can get the most of your restaurant’s capacity. Streamline operations, reduce errors and improve services by managing tables efficiently, minimise table turn rates and minimise table idle times. We designed this innovative table management system, zDine specially for restaurateurs, so that you can get an all-in-one system served right in.

zDine Features

Maximise efficiency and enhance customer experience
Serve Smart
The table management allows servers to spend more time with customers and serve them more smartly.
Avoid Inaccuracies
Quote accurate wait time to your guests, through real time data and insights provided through the system and minimise any error.
Streamline Services
It makes the process seamless and friction-free, by efficiently managing the layout of the tables, reservations and bookings.
Intelligent Integration
Designed to integrate easily and effectively with zPos to auto open a check once guests are assigned to a table.