Health and Safety is our Priority

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About zCare

Your remote health monitoring system, designed to gather health parameters

An aesthetically pleasing addition to our onboard hospitality operation, zCare monitors the temperature of the guest/crew and updates them to an IoT platform. Focused on additional safety improvements, enhanced screening, stringent sanitizing routine, prevention and control measures for both crew members and guests, it ensures that consumers feel as confident as possible in this post pandemic era.

Features of zCare

An IoT based health monitoring system with real time data tracking
IOT Based
To ensure the hygiene records of the crew and guests IoT is capable of collecting automated data and reporting it to the clients.
zCARE Devices
An advanced technological expedient that augments an engaged service to the guest.
Wrist Wears
A comfortable trendy wristband that monitors, tracks and reports your health statistics.
Touchless Temperature Check
A mandatory routine before embarkation to ensure health and safety for all.
Real-Time Data
Seamless data services to uncover insights faster.
Our Integrations
Provides powerful extensions to capture and transfer accurate data with third party collaborations very seamlessly and effectively.

zCare Variants

We offer you 3 different alternatives of innovation with single focus, providing a healthy experience for your customers
Wristband Solutions
Thermal Camera Solutions
Kiosk Solutions