Training And Mentoring

Let’s face it, no one wants a house guest to stay too long. When you look to a Partner to help your organization embrace new technologies, you want the get up to speed and implementation to happen as quickly as possible with quality and performance that meets the business objectives.

Having a training and mentoring plan in place enables your team to participate in the overall development and adoption of technology for the longer-term sustainability of your solution. By starting with an overall assessment of your training needs during pre, post and real-time execution of a solution, you will create a plan that improves employee skills and enhances your business operations directly impacted by that employee knowledge such as:

  • Increase productivity and performance improvement
  • Reduce server loads and bandwidth costs
  • Stricter adherence to corporate policies
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee morale and retention
  • Increased revenue

Logisoft works with our customers to structure the best training plan to enable their staff to embrace and sustain new technologies for continuous business benefit. The two approaches to this effort include formalized training sessions and topics and parallel initiatives to mentor Customer staff during the execution of an engagement.

Logisoft education experts are field experienced to combine what can be learned in printed format as well as those topics that cannot. By applying our internal training techniques, Logisoft is focused on enabling Customers to make solutions and technologies their own for continued success.

Training and Mentoring needs at your organization

Yes, training can be expensive however, when organized and planned for correctly, can be a significant investment that pays dividends down the road for your organization. Whether the need is:

  • New product installation and configurations
  • Development or design best practices and methodologies
  • Learning new tools and techniques
  • Growing internal Knowledge Capital for strategic success