Support Services

The need for managed support

Your applications provide the backbone for operations internally and externally. To ensure your company runs smoothly, a defined support structure should be in place. Outages and downtime only cost you more money!

Having a strategic partner that can provide Level 1 and Level 2 support in either a dedicated or assistance model can reduce your internal load. This approach allows your organization to shift focus on strategic and forward-looking IT initiatives.

Our Support Services can provide up to Level 2 support for select IBM technologies and CRM systems. Our expert practitioners are not only field trained and experienced, but also have worked in numerous platforms and systems where disparate technologies come into play.

Through our internal management of support cases, your ticket will be routed and managed by a dedicated team of experts that will assess and progress your case to completion.

Support Services in your company

To assess your needs for Support Services consider how your company handles:

  • Feature Enhancements – Implementing new features to your existing application without affecting the reliability or functionality of your application logic.
  • Bug fixes – Keeping the vitality and success of an application and resolving known issues, keeping confidence in your organization’s core business initiatives
  • End User Help Desk – How do your employees address issues with applications and solutions that enable them to get their job done
  • Quality Assurance Testing – Managing crucial QA efforts to deliver high-quality and highly usable applications through regression and performance testing.