Project Management

Owners and Managers of projects rely on the efficiency and organization of Project Management to keep projects on time, on budget and in sync. This key position requires that effective process-based Program and Project Management ensures the delivery of high-quality and timely results in a broad variety of organizational functions and efforts.

Logisoft Project Management and Engagement Management services are not key components of every Logisoft Solution engagement, but also available through our Strategic Services offerings to Customers. Our project management team brings years of experience managing not only technical implementations but also keeps business and technology stakeholders aligned through our hardened engagement management playbook.

Throughout the life-cycle of your project, Logisoft will keep resources, systems and tasks aligned.

To assess your needs for Project Management, consider the following:

  • Does the number of projects or applications currently exceed our internal bandwidth for managements?
  • Do we require the need to coordinate multiple resources (onshore and offshore), systems, sponsors and tasks?
  • Have we faced challenges with delivering on-time, on-budget solutions?
  • Everyone in our organization seems to be running at hyper-speed and there just doesn’t seem to be any time left in the day to keep everything in sync!