Migrations And Upgrades

Migrations and upgrades are hardly ever at the top of one’s list of exciting things to tackle; however, there is typically a silver lining to the effort, resulting in an increase in performance, ease of use or another benefit to the end user.

Logisoft has guided numerous clients move and migrate to the IBM portfolio of enterprise solutions through our patterns, best practices and subject matter expertise. By leveraging our know-how and experiences, Logisoft helps our clients reduce costs in the migration, discover new value in the targeted solutions and integrate their tooling skills for continued development and maintenance of the solution.

When our Clients are looking to upgrade to newer versions, they rely on our experts to help identify the potential caveats associated with the move. Our comprehensive assessments on migrations and upgrades will guide you every step of the way to ensure both you and your systems are aligned with the transition. Upon completion, Logisoft support services assist our clients in a continued smooth transition to the new solution or platform.

When your organization needs to upgrade or migrate mission-critical applications, call in the experts at Logisoft. We specialize in leading our Customers down the successful path of embracing IBM technologies through our development of best practices, patterns, and methodologies from multiple migrations and upgrade engagements.

By leveraging a Partner that has performed these engagements numerous times reduces the workload for your team to ramp up on building specific skills for a one-time effort that they will never require again.

Migrations and Upgrades in your company

If migrations or upgrades are in your future, consider the following:

  • What is the complexity of the move/transition on environments, code, other systems and users?
  • Do we have the experience, tools, and methodologies to expedite the effort with minimal impact to existing systems and users?