Installations And Configuration

You’ve just made an important investment in how your company operates. New software to transform and accelerate your operations has a tremendous impact on how you work internally and externally. Assessing where the new investment fits into your information technology infrastructure and planning for its’ optimization and integration is key to laying the foundation for your success.

Most likely you have great skills in-house, however new technologies bring new skills and leveraging a Partner that can ramp-up your installation and configuration while working closely with your team for skills transfer, enable you for greater success down the road.

Logisoft Installation and Configuration services are more than pin point solutions for our Customers. Our understanding and proficiency in vast solution environments provides unparalleled expertise to assess and configure your new software purchase.

With our planned approach to Installations and Configuration services engagements, Logisoft works with our Customers to assess, analyze, plan, execute and mentor on best practices for setting up the new environment. Our expertise crosses multiple platforms and systems, utilizing patterns and custom scripts for the right mix of components for fast ROI.

Logisoft understands that our Customers have existing and sometimes complex environments and internal skills that manage them. Our team will work with yours to work in tandem to:

  • Understand the new technology and where it best fits from a communication and optimization configuration related to other systems.
  • Mentor and train your personnel during the process for continued maintenance and upgrades.
  • Provide any necessary recommendations for tuning or script generation for automated up-keep.