Business Intelligence

Garbage in, Garbage out. Most organizations, large or small have data that is the life-blood of their organization. This data is the foundation of your operations and increasingly, companies are looking to leverage data for analysis, understanding and forecasting operations and overall health of the company.

Having data is the first step, knowing what you what to do with it is another. How to get from one to the other takes expertise and experience.

Our Business Intelligence consultants help our Clients decipher their data and organize information to yield powerful insights and meaning to their most valuable asset; Data. The skills and technology associated with BI is an iterative process that continuously evolves as your business changes.

Smart decisions are the building blocks of great performance and our strategy guides Customers through the initial ideation to roadmap a technology execution plan integrated with the goals of your business. Our actionable strategic plan establishes a framework with our Customers to bring BI technology to life while keeping Line of Business stakeholders in constant communication to the strategic direction through an interactive feedback process.

Business Intelligence Assessments: Aligning and targeting key BI improvements for specific business areas and functions. These offering addresses known pain points by identifying the landscape of needs and incrementally delivering quick and visible business returns.

Business Intelligence mentoring and training: Whether you have existing skills in-house our not, Logisoft enables our Customers to embrace BI technology as an ongoing discipline internally. Through mentoring and training of your staff, new solutions emerge as new business opportunities present themselves.